How did everything start?

The creative name Linda Charoenlab was living in London working in the European fashion industry.

As a side project, she was developing graphic Icon T- shirts and selling them at Portobello Road Market.

Her designs were selling quickly and highly desired by her fans. The designs were not only making a mark in London, but globally as well. 

This marks the moment where simply making T-shirts became much more. Linda decided to put a label on her side project, calling it Lalalove London.

Lalalove caught a gust of wind that landed it self right in Top Shop Flagship Store in Oxford Street London W1, and with many international buyers.

Lalalove London in Topshop


What is Lalalove about ?

Linda's already adored designs were making a big statement with the East London kids who eat, breathe and live style. Not only were Lalalove's designs unique, the brand focused on individuality, comfort and versatility. Which spoke to so many fashion followers. 

The brand had an unexpected turn when a distributor from Milan asked for Lalalove ready to wear. The brand followed what the customers needed and delivered signature and edgy designs in a full line.

Lalalove is now not only a branded name but a lifestyle and a feeling. Everything produced is made for free spirited individuals who dare to break out from social constructed normality.

Lalalove's fans and supporters are people who aren't afraid to live life boldly, they find humour in everything and bravely speak their mind. The designs are focused on relevant current affairs that inflict our world, delivering serious punches of gimmick, comedy, and vivid colour.

Currently Lalalove is operated out of London and Bangkok. It has grown from a simple side job to a unique multinational brand. Complete with ready to wear, a swimwear line, and of course the original tshirt line.

Lalalove has two in demand stores in Bangkok, located in Siam Center and The Em District.


Whats happening in future?

After so many new ventures, Lalalove has grown from one brand to 3 sister brands. Lalalove World, Lalalove London and Lalalove. This gives the brand an opportunity to give attention to each sector.

Lalalove World is dedicated to quirky, bold and highly sought after swimwear. After realizing that swimwear is a major strength for the brand. It was decided that Lalalove World would be born as the beach wear line.

Lalalove London pays homage to the roots of this company. Seeing as the brand was born from a simple idea of creative T shirts in London; this pocket of Lalalove had to continue.

Lalalove is the unisex ready to wear line. Creating interesting patterns, prints and designs for the lovers of unique high end fashion.

Welcome to our world.


Lalalove Flagship Store Opening in Bangkok

Lalalove Flagship Store in Siam Center, Bangkok

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