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Posted on 04 August 2016

Developing a Fashion Brand Identity

I think you'll agree with me when I say


Its REALLY hard to go with the right trend.

The digitalized world just overwhelms you in impressions.

Fashion is changing faster than ever before. What you wear today, is already boring tomorrow.

Or is it ?

Ice Cream Cone Mannequin Lalalove wearing Pineapple Swimsuit


Well, It turns out, that we can play pop-up trends to our own advantage with just one simple thing to keep in mind.

Maintaining your own unique and authentic style!!

Don’t get swept in the mainstream bullshit of every single trend.

Take one and roll with it in your own way. Make it original and have fun with it too!

Lalalove has always embodied this message and wants our fans, old and new to dress and live by this motto.

Today i will show you how Lalalove developed it´s very own and unique fashion brand identity.



Fashion Brand Identity starts with statements


There is a good story behind all strong ideas.

Let me tell you ours. Turning time back to where everything started.

Linda Charoenlab Lalalove it Bangkok Post Cover



A world without instagram.

A world where magazines are still read offline.

A world where people care your real and authentic style, not the style of your social media profile.

Linda Charoenlab, a full-time stylist, had been making herself a name with her bubbly style and personality.

Soon she became an icon for one the last independent london magazines like "Dazed and Confused", "Intersection" and "The Face". Those iconic style identity you will recognize later in the first Lalalove London Collections.

Linda made her life between styling, PR, copywriting, photography and gettin' drunk on cheap wine.

Those east london daily grind was freedom, party and creativity. Its a way with a never ending source of inspiration, which makes her grow a lot.

It seems, that there is already a vision for the Lalalove fashion brand identity curving around 3 aspects with one redline. All about Icon's and iconic style. Iconic Music. Iconic Fashion. Iconic Models.

The Lalalove London Icon T-Shirts were born.

Lalalove London Iconic Print  Lalalove London Iconic Print  Lalalove London Iconic Print


Icons are about Statements.

One of Lindas Statements from then since now is the Love for the world. Loving the world stands for itself. How can we express it? Making Prints with Animals wearing crowns is definitely one way! 

The Lalalove London Animalia T-Shirts were born.


Already achieved all her personal goals. What are you doing, once you already made it to the top of your castle? 

Yes, you need to climb a bigger castle.

Lets do something crazy!


Bold Bang - The Birth of Lalalove's Fashion Brand Identity

Linda often wandered around the stalls of the famous Portobello Road Market.

Portobello Road Market Fashion brand identity

A place where vintage fashion meets modern art.



A saturday market where you can earn in one day like selling a whole week.

Wouldn't this be the perfect start for Lalalove London ? How can we get a stall in these highly desired market ?

Portobello Road Market VIntage Iconic

Let me tell you the proper way first:

You get up every saturday morning at 3am, wander to the market with all your merchandise, wait in the long queue, freezing, be tired, get pissed by those mafia owners, who say to you at 11am: Sorry babe, theres now stall for you today. So you do the same procedure week after week. A few month later you could get a temporary booth. 

So how can you cut down all those struggle ??

Well, actually it can be much easier. Just do it the bold way. Do it like Linda does it!

As Linda is not really an early bird when its about getting up in the morning, she just decided to pack her 2 Suitcases the day before, take it to her friend who lived close to Portobello Market. Of course her friends and the cheap wine already waiting for her.

When everyone getting curious about those 2 Suitcase, Linda start showing her designs to her friends the first time. They get mad about it. "How did you do that?? Thats amazing!"


Getting more drunk. Getting more ratted. Everyone wearing Lalalove London , listen to music, making jokes, having fun. Seems like linda already forgot the plan to sell all the t-shirts in a few hours. 

Linda Charoenlab Party London

But once its gettin light, they went out. They went to Portobello Market. 6 Crazy guys. Playing guitar, singing, making jokes. Everyone wearing Lalalove London. 

They are vivid. They are bold. They are funny.

Guess who like that, apart from all the tired people waiting for their booth ? 

It's the Markets Son of the Owner "Danny".

He loved the music. He loved the crew. And especially he loved the t-shirts. And even before anyone set up their stall, Linda already sold her first item. Definitely you will agree with me, to say there is no better start for your brand, than the first t-shirt sold to the guy, who manages the market where you sell. 

So Linda haven't even been there for 1 hour, and was already setting up her booth for sales. With a crowd of tons of people around listening to their guitar and sing, Lindas friends couldn't even move. So her friends stayed, and helped Linda to sell.

Lalalove London Store in London Portobello Road Market

She made it and everything was so on spot.  After 12 busy and exhausting hours, the mission was done. Everybody was happy. Linda returned back home with empty suitcases and a smiling on her face.


This evening she lied in her bed and thought "Yes this is how i wanna roll, this is my way, this is my Lalalove" And thats the moment where the name got relevant in her life. We can call this day the birth of Lalalove. And furthermore the birth of Lalaloves Fashion Brand Identity in all its aspects.

Iconic, Independent and ironic.

Welcome to our world.


Eat, Breath & Live - A never ending story

Linda's already adored designs were making a big statement with the East London kids who eat, breathe and live style.

Not only were Lalalove's designs unique, the brand focused on individuality, comfort and versatility. Which spoke to so many fashion followers. 

Soon she got attention from international wholesalers. Her designs quickly discovered first Italy, Spain and then Japan. Besides gettin another store in Spitalfields Market and Backyard Market.

Her brand was on the rise.

With a department in WHITE ROOM, Milan, Lalalove got its first permanent stand-alone-store.

Not long to wait for Topshop to ask Linda, to sell her products in their Flagship Store Oxford Street London W1. 

Lalalove London at Topshop Flagship Store Oxford Circus

This time the Lalalove ready-to-wear was already born. With those full line Lalalove made it to Premium Fair Berlin, Who's Next Paris and then Blueprint Singapore.

The next big turn was when Emporium Bangkok asked Linda to open the Lalalove Flagship Store in there Mall.

Lalalove at Emporium Bangkok Ice Cream Cone Mannequin

Now the Flagship Store moved to Siam Center and another store opened in EmQuartier Bangkok.

Since swimwear has always been a strong part in Lalalove ready-to-wear, Linda decided to bred Lalalove World as a beachwear line. With the opening of another store in "The Miami of Thailand" Hua Hin, Lalalove will made it directly into the First Beachfront Shopping Mall. 

With 3 lines, Lalalove is now selling all around the globe. 


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